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SNOWVENTCO website home page

Introducing a new product to market required an attractive site and lead capture technology.

Launching a new product onto the marketplace is no easy task particularly when you're an unknown startup as was the case for Snowventco. When company representatives approached Build Marketing they were just going into production of their Roofers' Vent. 

The Roofers Vent was developed by Tony Bourque (a 40-year roofing contractor) and his daughter Alice (10+ years experience in the family business). The Bourques recognized the need for a better roofing vent that could provide efficient attic ventilation while keeping snow, moisture and pests out. After years of development and testing, the Bourques secured the necessary patents and were beginning production at a nearby manufacturing plant for their Canadian-made vent. What they needed next was an online presence that would help them spread the word about the company and their unique product to homeowners, roofers, and building supply distributers.

We took them through our Success Blueprint program and presented solutions for a website, email marketing system, and recommendations for social media and online advertising campaigns.

The mobile-friendly website we created for Snowventco provides information about the product, its benefits to homeowners and where it can purchased. It includes an email sign-up system which adds consumers and roofers to an email list so they can be notified when the Roofers Vent is available at a local retailer near them. The website has also been built to allow for additional products to be added as they are developed and brought to market.

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