The Success Blueprint

The secret to a successful website project or online marketing program is knowledge. Other agencies may ask you a few questions and then quote a price based on a bare minimum of information. This can lead to a lot of unpleasant surprises.

We take a different approach with our Success Blueprint, and the results speak for themselves.

Over a series of discovery meetings with you and several hours of research, we learn everything we can about your business, your target market and most profitable clients, your industry and your competitors. The Success Blueprint helps us understand the best way forward to grow your business. Our clients find that they learn a lot, too.

I am a chocolatier in a small town with a solid local clientele and several wholesale customers. After the death of my partner, I discovered that my business wasn't doing as well as I thought. I needed to decide whether there was enough of a market for my products and how I could reach that market. Build Marketing's Success Blueprint helped get my business moving in the right direction.

Over the course of four discovery meetings, we looked at the state of my business and the current challenges, the people who buy from me, what similar businesses are doing and where I fit, and the types of marketing that would help me reach the right customers.

Build Marketing focused completely on my business, on our products and on our need to reach a larger market. I felt that they held my best interests uppermost, seeking to understand what would be best for my business, rather than trying to sell me a particular program.

We looked at the people who buy my products, both retail and wholesale. Creating personas to represent the different types of customers helped me see what was important to them and why each group chooses to buy my products. Learning what others in my industry are doing helped me make some important choices.

The presentation that Build Marketing put together showed me that I do have a viable business and what I'll need to do to grow. I've used their recommendations to guide my decisions and I now feel a renewed energy to build my business.

I highly recommend working with Build Marketing.

Lorie Boychuk, Mrs. B's Country Candy

At the end of a thorough discovery process, we present the strategy we propose for reaching your audience online.

A typical Success Blueprint takes 4 to 6 hours of your time and 15 to 25 hours of our time. You get valuable insights and an actionable plan.

During our discovery process we perform an audit of your existing website to determine how well your website is performing. For business owners who want to learn more about their online performance, but aren't yet ready to commit to the Success Blueprint process, we offer our Website Audit as a standalone service.

Here's what some of our clients have said about the Success Blueprint:

  • This has been so valuable. Now we know what we need to do next rather than simply 'winging' it.
  • This process was a breath of fresh air; the first thing out of your mouth was not "here's what we can do", it was "tell us more about your organization".


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