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Showcased construction projects with new website; established strong social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bel-Con Design Builders have more than 40 years experience in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. The company has benefited from partnering with Butler Manufacturing™ which gives them access to:

  • a range of quality, steel-based, pre-engineered building systems,
  • support for costing and design services,
  • potential leads for construction projects in Bel-Con's designated area, and
  • partnership in advertising and marketing.

As a result, many of Bel-Con's leads were coming from referrals or repeat business.

Bel-Con sought out Build Marketing to develop and increase their reach beyond this network of leads generated through existing relationships.

In our early conversations, Bel-Con expressed interest in how we might assist them by delivering social media services. Butler Manufacturing™, was already committed to developing its social media platforms and wanted to leverage its network of partner builders to do the same. Co-marketing dollars were available within the Butler network for builders to establish a presence on social media for the purpose of marketing both themselves and the Butler line of building products and solutions.

After taking time to learn about their business, clients and market, we made the following recommendations for using social media:

  • develop company profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter,
  • create blog posts to educate potential customers about Butler's building products, and demonstrate the key strengths and capabilities of Bel-Con as a design-build construction company.

Through Build Marketing's efforts, Bel-Con have established active networks on social media to:

  • interact regularly with clients and help cross-promote those businesses, and
  • connect with industry influencers who regularly share Bel-Con's content (QuinteEcDev, Peterborough, etc.).

In developing the social media program, we identified several issues with Bel-Con's website, which was several years old at the time. We developed a new website which delivered an improved showcase for their construction projects and the ability to create and share news stories and blog posts. These were key items for demonstrating Bel-Con's design-build capabilities, improving search engine rankings, and supporting the type of content that would attract more online traffic that could convert into potential leads for new projects.

The use of social media marketing has allowed Bel-Con to share Butler product knowledge, progress on current construction projects, knowledge about key building materials, techniques and issues, as well as local concerns and community involvement.

All of this has led to an enhanced public profile, increased visibility and awareness of the company. Recently, Bel-Con was named Outstanding Builder of the Year by Butler Manufacturing™ for the Canadian region for its efforts in construction and social media marketing.

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