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Ready to crush it with Facebook Ads?

We help business owners harness the power of Facebook Ads to sell more.

Yes! I want to sell more with Facebook Ads!

Are you tired of...

...your marketing message getting drowned out?

...not reaching enough of the right people on Facebook?

...wondering if your marketing efforts are the least bit effective?

Ever said any of these to yourself?

Everyone seems to be on Facebook. I think Facebook Ads might help me sell more, but how do I get started?

I'm already too busy. There's no time to add learning to manage Facebook Ads to my to-do list.

I tried advertising on Facebook once but it cost too much and I didn't get much business from it.

But the question that keeps you up at night is...
"How can I get more customers from Facebook?"

A few common misconceptions about FB Ads:

I have a lot of followers so I don’t need to advertise on Facebook.

Sadly, not all of the followers of your Facebook page see your regular posts. Facebook actually controls how many of your followers see your messages in their newsfeed based on a complex algorithm. This means that many of your followers may not have “heard” from you in quite some time. Advertising on Facebook is an effective way to get in front of your audience whether they follow your page or not.

I can’t afford to advertise on Facebook.

We’d argue that you can’t afford NOT to advertise on Facebook. However, if your issue is a concern about costs, Facebook advertising is one of the most flexible platforms for choosing a budget. You choose the length of time and budget you want. Minimum daily spending can be as low as $5.

I already advertise on radio and in print.

That’s great! Traditionally those are good platforms to advertise on. However, there are a few areas where radio and print can’t compete with Facebook ads:

  • They lack the same flexibility for budgeting and are often considerably more expensive.
  • Radio or print ads can’t be changed easily; once they’re out there, that’s it. With Facebook ads, you can make changes to text or images while your ads are running and see those changes immediately.
  • Facebook Ads give you measurable results, something neither radio or print can offer.
I only need to reach a local audience and everybody already knows about my business.

Facebook is an excellent platform for reaching local audiences. You can target your ads to be shown to people based on their geographic location. You can also be even more specific with targeting based on gender, age and interests. As to being well-established in your community? It never hurts to remind people that you’re out there, and if you’re fortunate enough to be serving a growing local region, you’ll want to reach newcomers as soon as they relocate to your area.

Yes! I want to sell more with Facebook Ads!

Tell me how I can CRUSH Facebook Ads!

Some of our Facebook Ads clients:

What our clients are saying:


"We began employing Build Marketing when opening our company Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat. They did a great job of advertising our new business on Facebook and getting us lots of bookings during our first season.

As we were so busy with other aspects of our business it was great to not have to worry about our Facebook marketing and have someone take care of it for us. We would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is looking to grow their business or just starting out. They were a huge help to our company." - Jenna Corcoran, Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat


“Build Marketing has run my Facebook ads and helped with strategic ad placement for specialized lines of insurance, which produced many high quality leads. After referrals, our best source of new leads comes from the work that Build Marketing has done on the web, by bringing people to our website.” - Calvin Newman, Newman Insurance


“Best sales month ever, best money I ever spent!” - Barney Goldberg, Studio B

At Build Marketing, we help real-world businesses grow online

As an online marketing agency, we focus on bringing you more of the right customers.

To do that, we take the time to learn about your business, your clients, your competition and your industry. Then we work with you to develop and implement a Facebook Advertising Plan to help you reach more of your ideal customers and increase your sales.

Whether you're in the business of building—or simply ready to build your business—we'll help you:

  • identify the best types of ads to get you results
  • reach the right audience with the right message at the right time
  • create an effective sales process to capture and convert leads
  • understand and improve your Facebook Ad results

What We're Not:

  • an automated tool that isn’t personalized to your business.
  • a set it and forget service. We provide active management to continually improve your Facebook advertising results.
  • a huge marketing agency where you’re just a filename and a credit card number.

Ready to get more business from Facebook?

YES! I want to find out how I can CRUSH Facebook Ads!